Important Questions for Jammu Kashmir Services Selection Board Class IV Exam 2021: JKSSB

Functioning of the Board

Recruitment and Selection

The Board shall finalize the selections after holding such tests or examinations as may be prescribed under rules, or if there are no such rule as the Board may consider necessary.
The Board while making selections and allocating candidates to various cadres shall take into account the reservations made from time to time for various categories.
The Board shall finalize the selection list which shall be equal to the number of vacancies for which requisition was made and recommend it to the concerned appointing authority;
The selection list shall remain in force for a period of six months from the date it is accepted by the appointing authority;
The appointing authority for reasons to be recorded may not accept the select list received from the board and return the same to the Board for making fresh selection.
Provided that no such action shall be taken by the appointing authority without prior approval in writing of the Administrative Department.
The Board shall also finalize waiting list of 20% of the total number of selected candidates and forward the same to the concerned department. The waiting list shall remain in force for a period of one year from the date of its receipt or till a fresh list is drawn up by the Recruitment Board, whichever be earlier.

Procedure for Posts Referred to erstwhile Board

The Secretary of the erstwhile board shall transfer to the Board:-

  • All applications invited and received, any select list finalized by the erstwhile Board or any recommendations made by any erstwhile Committee.
  • Select list of the candidates finalized by erstwhile Board or any other Committee thereof to the appointing authority.

The Board shall as soon as may be recommend the selection of the candidates to the appointing authority in respect of vacancies which stand referred to the erstwhile Board without inviting fresh applications.

Procedure of Referring Vacancies to the Board

The Administrative Department concerned shall refer all vacancies in the Subordinate Services to the Board by 15th January of every year strictly in accordance with SRO 166 of 2005 dated. 14th January, 2005, as amended from time to time, for making selection of candidates for appointment to the posts.
Provided that the Government may for any recruitment to be made under rule 9-A, refer the vacancies in one go at any time.
While referring the vacancies to the Board, the administrative department shall specify the number of posts for which selection to be made from the reserved categories;
Provided that the Appointing Authority may with the prior approval of the Government in the General Administration Department and for sufficient reasons to be recorded make appointment in individual cases or class of cases out side the purview of these rules.

Procedure of Selection

The Board shall make selection to the various posts in the following manner;-

  • The Board on receipt of the reference of vacancies, advertise the posts, communicate copies of the advertisements to the respective employment exchange, Government Gazette, press and other publicity media so as to achieve wide publicity;Provided that it shall be mandatory for the Board to club the vacancies of District cadre/Divisional cadre of similar nature referred to it by any department in a calendar year and advertise the same in one go as per laid down procedure and invite applications from the permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir without prescribing the conditions of domiciliary requirements.
  • A candidate can apply only in one district for District cadre posts and in one division in respect of Divisional cadre posts; Provided that if any candidate applies for more than one district or one division, his candidature shall be considered only for the district or the division in which he is ordinarily residing.
  • The Board shall, ordinarily, restrict the number of applicants for oral and/ or written test, as the case may be, to at least five times the number of vacancies on the basis of academic merit in the qualifying examination converted into points on prorata basis out of the total points allocated for the basic eligibility qualification and grant of weightage for the higher qualification in the discipline concerned to be allowed in the manner and to the extent as the Board may deem appropriate for according due consideration to the merit and proficiency in higher qualification: Provided that the Board may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, conduct a written test for short listing the candidates for admission to the oral test and for purpose of selection of candidates.
  • The Board shall allot the requisite number of candidates in order of merit and reservation as referred by the appointing authority. The Board shall not maintain any select list for any casual or future vacancies;
  • The General Administration Department may prescribe such proformae as are required for reference of vacancies to the Board and for communicating the select list from time to time.

Important J&K GK Questions for JKSSB Class IV & Acc Assistant Exams Jammu and Kashmir General Knowledge Questions for various JKSSB, JKPSC, and Other Exams.

These are a few important Questions for upcoming JKSSB Accounts Assistant and Class ivth Exams

Q1: What is the total number of districts in J&K?


Q2: Which is the summer capital of J&k?

Answer: Srinagar

Q3:  Longest river in J&K?

Answer: Chenab.  

Q4: Which is the only lake in Bandipora district?

Answer: Wular lake

Q5: Which is the winter capital of J&k?

Answer: Jammu  

Q6: Who built the beautiful Shalimar bagh?

Answer: Jahangir.

Q7: When was the first Railway line built-in J&K?

Answer: 1897  

Q8: Where was the first Railway line built in J&K?

Answer: Sialkot  

Q9: What is the local language of J&K?

Answer: Kashmiri  

Q10: What is the other local language of J&K?

Answer: Dogri  

Q11: Where is very popular Vaishno Devi?

Answer: Katra  

Q12:Where is Jhelum river in J&K?

Answer: Srinagar

Q13: How many national parks are there in J&K?


Q14: Who is the current LG in J&K?

Answer: Manoj Sinha

Q15: Which country is the East side of Jammu and Kashmir?

Answer: Bhutan

Q16: What is the term for LA in J&K?

Answer: Six years

Q17: When was the Shalimar bagh built?


Q18: Who was the last ruling king of Jammu and Kashmir region?

Answer: Hari Singh

Q19: Which year Shiekh Abdullah died?


Q20: What Fruit is Famous in J&K?

Answer: Apple

Q21: Jammu and Kashmir is also famous for which sports product?

Answer: Cricket – Willow for bats.  

Q22: Which is the famous river flowing through Jammu

Answer: Tawi river.  

Q23: Which animal is famous in Hemis National Park?

Answer: Snow leopard.  

Q24: Which is the prominent language in Jammu?

Answer: Dogri.

 Q25: What is also called as the city of Temples in India?

Answer: Jammu

 Q26: Which is the biggest University in J&K?

Answer: Kashmir State University.

 Q27 Which is the official language of Jammu and Kashmir?

Answer: Urdu  

Q28: What food item Katra is famous for?

Answer: Dry fruits  

Q29: Who took the region from British?

Answer: Gulab singh.  

Q30: What is the total area of Jammu and Kashmir?

Answer: 222,236


The Services Selection Board has been constituted in exercise of powers conferred by Provision of Section 124 of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir. The Rules have been made under SRO 194 of 1992 as amended upto date. The Rules are applicable to the following Non-Gazetted categories of posts:-

State Cadre Posts

State cadre posts involve the vacancies in the Indenting Departments across the State for which the merit is judged across the Board.

Divisional Cadre Posts

The Divisional Cadre Posts are those posts which are borne on the establishment of the offices working in the Division. These posts are considered for the concerned Divisions and Advertisements are meant in the manner to indicate the posts available in a Division. Accordingly, the selection is also made across the Division whoever applies for these posts.