How to Apply for online domicile certificate at home without wasting money

Domicile Certificates are issued by the Tehsildar Concerned where the applicant is residing. For Online certificates Citizens can apply through Citizens first have to register with their full particulars as required on the web site. After registration, citizens can login into the web site and apply for Domicile Certificate. Citizens must ensure that they have selected proper Tehsil at the time of registration. Updation of Tehsil of applicant can be done after successful login by the applicant under “My Profile” option.

The Centre has defined new domicile rule for Jammu and Kashmir which includes those who have lived in the Union Territory for 15 years. 

    “A person residing in Jammu and Kashmir for at least 15 years will now be eligible to be a domicile of the Union Territory”, according to the new rule issued by the Centre.

In the latest gazette notification, Section 3A of the J&K Reorganization (Adaptation of State Laws) Order, 2020, under the J&K Civil Services (Decentralization and Recruitment) Act, has been introduced to define domicile as that who has resided for a period of 15 years in the UT of J&K or has studied for a period of seven years and appeared in class 10th or 12th examination in an educational institution located in the UT of J&K.

Before 5th of August 2019, 35-A of the Constitution (now abrogated) empowered J&K Assembly to define a J&K resident, who alone were eligible to apply for jobs or own immovable property.
Now the definition of Domicile expanded to include children of those 

  • All India Services Officers
  • officials of PSUs and autonomous body of Central Government
  • Public Sector Banks
  • officials of statutory bodies
  • officials of Central Universities and recognized research institutes of Central Government 

who have served in Jammu and Kashmir for a total period of ten years or children on parents who fulfill any of the conditions in sections.

Additionally, persons registered as a migrant by the Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner (Migrants) in the UT of J&K, will also be included in the definition of Domicile. Children of such residents of J&K as residents outside UT of J&K in connection with their employment or business or other professional or vocational reasons but their parents fulfill any of the conditions provided earlier. 
Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan

Who is Competent to issue Such Certificates.

The provisions of the Act authorize the Tehsildar as a competent authority for issuing the domicile certificate, as opposed to Deputy Commissioner or any officer specially notified by the State Government by way of a gazette notification in the form of a SRO-29 state laws have been repealed while 109 have been amended. Section 5-A states that no person shall be eligible for appointment to a post carrying a pay scale for not more than level 4 unless he is a domicile of UT of J&K. 

Through the same order, the Centre has repealed the J&K Civil Services (Special Provisions) Act.

Follow the Steps:

After you will create Citizenship Id, Now you can login as Citizen

  • Step 4: Click on E-Services
  • Step 5: Clich on General Administration Deparment
  • Step 5: Click on Application for Domicile Certificate