Suspicious death of Youth in Banihal

Alyas Banihali demand time bound investigation and express heartfelt condolence.

Banihal, Dec 26: Youh leader Alyas Banihali has express shock and serious concern on the suspicious death of Gh Mohidin Lone S/O Ab Hameed Lone of Chapnari Banihal who found death in suspicious conditions here

Alyas Banihali added that Gh Mohidin lone is was very kind hearted person and great social activist, his sudden death has arised sudden questions in our minds,

He demanded constitution of SIT to investigate the case in time bound, as family has disclosed some leads into the matter.

Nothing can be said till the postmortem report we have full faith on professional policing of local police and hope facts will come out shortly he added

In his condolence message Alyas Banihali share sympathy with the family and termed Gh Mohidin death as big loss to entire area and team Alyas Banihali too, because he was close associate of him.