Qazigund-Banihal tunnel to be thrown open for traffic in June last week

Qazigund: The much awaited Qazigund-Banihal tunnel is expected to be thrown open for vehicluar movement in the last week of this month.

Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi is expected to personally inaugrate the tunnel, sources in the prime minister’s office told INS.

The tunnel according to officials is an all weather tunnel that will boost the land connectivity of the valley with its Jammu division.

Traffic comes to halt due to snowfall over the land connection as weather creates hurdles for the vehicluar movement.

Sources told INS that the tunnel was envisaged to create better connectivity between two regions that usually gets disrupted due to weather conditions.

Officials at the tunnel site told INS that the preparations to throw open the tunnel are finalised and almost finished.

Incharge Navyuga Construction Company, Er Jalchandra said the tunnel preparations are in last leg.

“Final touches are being given to tunnel and we expect that in the last week if this month tunnel will be thrown open,” he said .

The INS team had a detailed tour of the tunnel and the facilities available inside the tunnel.

Sources told INS that the tunnel was to be opened up for people in May but due to covid it was delayed.