Awareness programme on health, hygiene by Roshani Foundation organised at Sanginard (Zaban) Banihal

Banihal, Oct 23: A short awareness session on the health and hygiene organised at Sanginard (Zaban)  by the Roshani Foundation. This session aims to demonstrate the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene and illustrate the importance of comprehensive cleaning to maintain a good health and a better personality in a certain society. Personal hygiene is important for many reasons, for instance, to have a better personality, a good health, for social reasons and for psychological issues said one of the Member of Child Welfare Committee Ramban.

Good hygiene perpetuates a nice image of an individual in a society. Emphasizing on good personal hygiene can reduce a risk of many social, metal, and health problems. The good personal hygiene is as simple as hand washing which can reduce the plethora of illnesses, infections, and disorders said by the Supervisor ICDS ZoneTethar Ms. Sabia .

Mr. Shabir Ahmed Mir, President, Roshani Foundation gave a brief session  that in a social situation a clean and tidy appearance can boost one’s confidence and reflects a positive image of that individual to others.

Mr. Muddasar Rashid, Social worker ICPS Ramban siad on the occasion that It is more frequently noticed that a clean and tidy person usually gets more attention in a public platform and people usually treads to trust him/her more.

Unhygienic people are mostly avoided by others and most of the times the stress level of unhygienic people is high as compare to hygienic people. So to keep ourselves socially, mentally, and physically healthy it is important to be dirt free and should maintain a hygienic life style .

Further it was concluded in the end that awareness among boarders about the importance of personal hygiene.
Demonstrate the social importance of personal hygiene to maintain a hygienic life style.

Encourage the participants to take responsibility of their health and cleanness in a friendly environment to remain mentally, physically and socially healthy said by the Vice President,RF

Teach the attendees how to take care of hand, body, tooth, foot, and cloth’s hygiene in day to day life in the presence and the absence of certain facilities.

In the end hand wash technique was done in the programme.

The officials present in the programme were Mr. Muddasar Rashid, Social worker ICPS Ramban, Mr. Irfan Ul Aziz Tantry Member, Child Welfare Committee, Ramban, Ms. Sabia Naz, Supervisor, ICDS Tethar Zone, Mr. Shabir Ahmed Mir, President RF, Mr. Abdul Rashid Naik,Vice President RF, Mr. Asif Israiel Khan, Programme Manager RF, Mr. Tashif ul Ashraf Wani Member RF and Anganwadi Workers. The Programme was anchored by Qurrat ul Ain Shabir, Member RF. Vote of thanks was given by the Vice President RF.