Petrol, Diesel Price Drop: 50% Tax Cut on Fuels. See Petrol, Diesel Rate in Your City

    Petrol, diesel price today: Petrol price remained unchanged for the tenth consecutive day on Saturday, November 13, across India. The same was applicable for diesel prices too, which also underwent no change over the country for 10 straight days. The prices of auto fuels have remained constant since the Centre had announced excise duty cut on them on the eve of Diwali, with many hailing the move as a ‘Diwali gift’. The government had cut excise duty on the fuels, reducing the price of petrol by Rs 5 and that of diesel by Rs 10. This move was followed by several states, who rushed in soon after to slash Value Added Tax on petrol and diesel, making them even cheaper in the respective areas.

    With the Centre’s tax reduction, petrol price was cut to at Rs 103.97 in the national capital of Delhi and remained unchanged on Wednesday. On the other hand, one litre of diesel here cost Rs 86.67 on the day. Delhi has not announced any VAT cut.

    Petrol price in Mumbai stood at Rs 109.98 per litre on the day. Diesel price in the financial capital was retailing at Rs 94.14 for one litre after the price cut, and was unchanged too.

    In West Bengal capital Kolkata, price of one litre of petrol on


    Petrol – Rs 109.98 per litre

    Diesel – Rs 94.14 per litre


    Petrol – Rs 103.97 per litre

    Diesel – Rs 86.67 per litre


    Petrol – Rs 101.40 per litre

    Diesel – Rs 86.67 per litre


    Petrol – Rs 104.67 per litre

    Diesel – Rs 89.79 per litre


    Petrol – Rs 107.23 per litre

    Diesel – Rs 90.87 per litre


    Petrol – Rs 108.20 per litre

    Diesel – Rs 94.62 per litre


    Petrol – Rs 100.58 per litre

    Diesel – Rs 85.01 per litre


    Petrol – Rs 100.12 per litre

    Diesel – Rs 86.46 per litre


    Petrol – Rs 94.58 per litre

    Diesel – Rs 81.29 per litre


    Petrol – Rs 95.28 per litre

    Diesel – Rs 86.80 per litre


    Petrol – Rs 95.35 per litre

    Diesel – Rs 89.33 per litre


    Petrol – Rs 106.36 per litre

    Diesel – Rs 93.47 per litre